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We have a range of training courses from basic to advanced to help you take better photos. Whether you take pictures with your phone, a compact camera or a DSLR/mirrorless camera we have courses to suit you. Whether you post your images on social media, on photography websites like Flickr or 500px, print & frame them or enter them in competitions we have courses for you.

Whether you want to gain a foundation in the basics of photography, launch a career in this dynamic area or start your own business we have a course the help you improve your skills. Some of our more advanced courses offer you personal feedback and guidance to take your photography to the next level.

Foundation in Photography

home  Home study

duration  Approx 3 hours

price  Was £149  Now £47

This course is excellent introduction to the exciting world of photography, and is ideal for anyone looking to improve their photography skills whether you use a phone, compact camera or dslr/mirrorless camera. In this course you will learn 12 key skills to improve your images including: -

  • What makes a great photograph
  • The art of composition
  • Leading lines
  • Less can be more
  • Using negative space
  • Choosing your angle
  • Looking for patterns
  • Dealing with low light etc

Taking Your Photography to the Next Level

home  Home study

duration  Approx 6 hours

price  Was £249  Now £97

This course builds on the Foundation course to take your image creation to the next level. This course is suitable whether you use a phone, compact camera or dslr/mirrorless camera, although if you use a phone it's likely that you will need an app to give you increased control over the camera functions to get the most out of it but we'll make some recommendations. In this course you will learn: -

  • Getting out of auto mode
  • The relationship between shutter speed, aperture & ISO
  • Understanding how your camera sees thing (its not the same as us)
  • Different lenses - do you need them?
  • Lighting - why it is SO important
  • Great black & white photography
  • An introduction to enhancing your photos with software
  • Assignments to practice what you've learnt etc

Photography Masterclass

home  Home study

duration  Approx 12 hours

price  Was £499  Now £197

This course goes into greater depth about the various aspects of creating great images. This course is suitable whether you use a phone, compact camera or dslr/mirrorless camera. A phone (with a suitable app to give you increased control over the camera functions) can be idea for, say, street photography but other field, eg wildlife photography, benefit from more specialised equipment. In this course you will learn: -

  • Composition, composition, composition
  • Understanding the effect of aperture
  • Understanding how to select the best shutter speed
  • Wide angle vs telephoto
  • What the histogram tells you
  • Introduction to landscape photography
  • Great macro photography
  • Street & candid photography
  • Wildlife photography
  • Creating great portraits
  • In camera vs editing
  • An introduction to Lightroom & Photoshop
  • Assignments to practice what you've learnt
  • Personal feedback on your photographs

Two Day Photography Workshop

location  On location

duration  Two days

price  Was £999  Now £497

This is a two day workshop on location, which will vary dependent on the focus of the workshop. Numbers of students on each workshop will be limited to ensure that you each receive personal advice & guidance. The focus of the workshops will be split between formal instruction and hands on practical sessions actually taking photographs.

There will be separate workshops covering: -

  • Landscape photography
  • Street/candid photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Wildlife photography
  • General photographic techniques

and the workshops will cover topics (as appropriate) such as:-

  • Getting creative with depth of field
  • Imaginative use of shutter speed
  • Rules of composition... and when to ignore them
  • Getting the colour right
  • Creating stunning black & white images
  • Specialist equipment - what you need & what you don't
  • Using Lightroom & Photoshop
  • The golden hour
  • Studio lighting
  • Feedback on the photographs taken during the workshop