Frequently Asked Questions

What are composites?

Many of our clients have said to us, all the pictures are lovely, but they can only afford two or three. To solve this dilemma, we have created composites. These are large prints which are made up of 50 or 60 images so you don't have to choose.


How much does a portrait session cost?

That is largely driven by what you are looking for, and what size and how many images you would like. We can tailor a session to your own individual requirements and budget. Prices for a one hour sitting and a 7" x 5" print start from £50


How much do Composite packages cost?

Over 85% of our clients who have pictures taken of their children will choose to have a pre printed package made and they can either purchase it complete or choose sheets from the package. In the case of families and bigger kids our senior photographers will often design and show you your images on the day of photography. Prices start for a 20" x 24" wall portrait or as an example, for the same price, you could have a 16" x 12" print and two 10" x 8"prints. The choices are endless but we really try and keep our work affordable.

Example Print Packages

Our best value standard single child pack includes: a 20" x 24" composite print, a 20" x 16" individual print, two 16" x 12" composite prints and six 7" 5" composite prints.

If you elect for this package you can upgrade by adding a DVD plus a CD of all the camera files so that you print your own prints, as well as a mini album. (the CD is only available if you purchase the standard package)


How much do you charge for retouching old/damaged photographs?

We charge on a time/cost basis for this type of work so it depends entirely on how much work is required. Once we have seen the photo we will be able to make an estimate and provide a quote.


I have a frame that is a non standard size

Because all our photographs are individually prepared before printing, we can produce prints any size you might require.