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➤ Do you look back at your photos & feel they didn't quite capture the moment?

➤ Have you ever thought your photos don't quite have the wow factor?

➤ Have you ever wondered how to take better pictures?

➤ Do you want to know more about photography but haven't got a sophisticated camera?


Then this workshop is for you - whether you post your photos on facebook or Instagram, send them to friends & family or print them to hang on the wall. I will show you how to create awesome images that stand out from the crowd


What The Workshop Will Cover

  What makes a great photograph

  The art of composition

  Leading the viewer's eye

  Choosing your angle

  How less can be more

  Framing your subject

  Breaking the rules

  Lighting - why it is SO important

  Getting the best out of your phone camera

  Auto vs Program vs Priority vs Manual mode

  Saving, Sharing & Printing your photos


Using these techniques you will be able to:-

●  Capture those special treasured memories

●  Create images with the wow factor to look back on in years to come

●  Create pictures that wow your family & friends on facebook/instagram


Depending on the interests & experience of participants, we'll also cover some of the following

  Understand how your camera sees thing (its not the same as us)

  Do you need an expensive camera?

  Different lenses - do you need them?

  Wide angle vs telephoto (if your camera permits)

  More on composition - using negative space

  Dealing with low light

  What is white balance & why you need it

  Understanding the effect of aperture (if your camera can change it)

  Understanding how to select the best shutter speed (where appropriate)

  Understanding auto focus - getting your images sharp

  Creating black & white portraits

  In camera vs editing

  An introduction to enhancing your photos with software

  An introduction to Lightroom, Photoshop & Snapseed

  Assignments to practice what you've learnt



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How The Workshop Works

There will be options for online or face to face workshops and will consist mainly of practical sessions taking photographs - so bring your your phone, compact camera or dSLR. 

Each session will last around 60 minutes depending on the content & questions from participants.

If you miss the workshoop there will be a replay link so you can catch up.

100% money back guarantee - if you decide this is not the workshop for you will receive a full refund - no questions asked.


1) Exclusive membership to our closed facebook group to ask questions and seek advice & feedback from fellow course photographers.

2) Notes from each workshop to go over what you've learned, or to catch up if you were unable to attend.

3) Personal feedback on a number of your images

4) Discounts on future courses you take.

Answers To Your Questions

What if I only have a phone camera?

What if I miss the workshop

I'm not technically minded!

About Me

My name's Clive Gidney and I'm a professional portrait photographer that specialises in capturing fun, creative family photos.

I am a past president of a highly regarded West Midlands photography club and ran workshops for them on all aspects of photography.

On this course I will share with you tips and techniques that you can use to create great photos of your family. You will be able to put these techniques into practice whatever sort of camera you use, be that your phone or a more sophisticated camera.

I will show you how to create awesome images that capture excitement & emotion that you will look back on and cherish.

I first started taking photos at the age of 10. The camera I had then was like a box brownie, it took roll film and had no controls at all - just a shutter button. But it taught me from an early age that you don’t necessarily need a sophisticated camera to take great images.

Now I have three cameras -

For my professional work; my Canon 7Dii with 20 megapixels and a bag full of lenses CanonCanon


Lumix GX7Lumix GX7



My go anywhere camera; Panasonix GX80 with 16 megapixels & 2 lenses


Nexus 5xNexus 5x


My Nexus 5X phone camera with 12 megapixels



And the great news is that, to get started taking amazing photos with my Ultimate Family Photography Course, you don’t need to know anything about cameras, these modules will work whether you use your phone, a sophisticated dSLR or anything in between.