Why choose altered images?

Altered Images Photography was started by me, Clive Gidney.  For over 30 years I worked for a high street kodak brownie smallkodak brownie small bank, but my real passion is photography, which started at the age of 10 with my first camera, a box brownie, and have been in love with photography ever since.

During my photography career, have taken a lot of photos for my own pleasure, landscapes & cityscapes, sunset & sun rises, natural history, still life, street photography... and I have many of these hanging on my walls at home. 

But most of all I love taking pictures of people. I love taking fun, natural, creative images that evoke an emotion. I love taking picture that make you go "Wow... Is that really me...? I look amazing" or "Aww... Aren't my children so cute - hasn't that captured their personalities!".

So if you're looking for a portrait experience with a difference - one that's fun & produces creative images - get in touch.

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Who do I love to photograph?

I love the challenge of working with children & animals and focus on creating stunning photographs that you’ll love… Guaranteed!

I photograph children & families of all ages and my speciality is babies, small children and pets. They say don’t work with children or animals and here I am doing both. While young children & pets can be active and difficult, I love a challenge and nothing is a bigger challenge than photographing children & pets!

How does it work?

I come to you with a portable studio and take your photos in your own home. Children and parents are much more relaxed in their own home. For younger children it is a familiar environment which proves a lot less stressful. Having pictures taken at home allows us to photograph children with their favourite things whether that is a certain toy, or a family pet - combining these with your child gives your photos more meaning, making them extra special.

Parents also love the convenience of having photos taken at home. It really does take the stress out of the whole experience.

I will visit your home and take your photos. If you love them, you buy them. It’s that SIMPLE



Altered Images can also be found on www.photographer-info.co.uk